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Brad R. Korinski is the husband of Bennington Law Firm, LLC, founder, Lisa Bennington. Mr. Korinski was most recently a judicial law clerk in Family Division for the last 2 years before moving to a law clerk position in Civil Division. For 10 years, prior to clerking, Mr. Korinski was the Chief Legal Counsel to the Allegheny County Controller, where the office oversaw annual county budget expenditures of over $1 billion. At the Controller’s Office, he provided close scrutiny of county spending and contracts, resulting in considerable savings to taxpayers.

Mr. Korinski possesses diverse experience in most areas of legal practice within Allegheny County. In addition to government affairs, Mr. Korinski focuses on litigation in its many forms: civil, commercial, employment and family law. Mr. Korinski has championed efforts to bring transparency and accountability to municipal authorities, tax-exempt purely public charities, jail operations, water quality and the assessment of county fines and fees, among other efforts.

Prior to his position as Chief Legal Counsel to the Allegheny County Controller, Mr. Korinski entered public service, as a law clerk in the Allegheny County Commerce and Complex Litigation Center, a special division of the Allegheny County Civil Division Courts dedicated to addressing complicated legal disputes in an expedited fashion.

Mr. Korinski graduated from Duquesne Law School in 2000, attaining the rank of 1st in his class. Before that, he attended St. Vincent College, graduating magna cum laude with degrees in history and political science and a minor in philosophy. Mr. Korinski resides in Highland Park with his wife, Elisabeth Bennington, and their daughter Emma.

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