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The team at Bennington Law Firm, LLC are dedicated to the litigation areas of divorce, custody, support, and protection from abuse as well as to the drafting of prenuptial and property settlement agreements. We also can represent you in all areas of Probate and Trust law, including estate planning, estate administration and Orphans’ Court litigation

We provide personable, caring help to individuals in need of aggressive assistance with family law matters. We listen with compassion, provide advice and guidance, and do everything possible to make you to feel at ease. We’re committed to providing a caring environment while aggressively representing your matter.

We are one of the preeminent matrimonial law firms in our area. We have the capacity to take on high-conflict custody cases and very complex valuation asset and income issues while still providing all of our clients with the level of service they deserve. Our powerful team of attorneys is well respected by our peers. In addition, Elisabeth Bennington is consistently named as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer and a Pennsylvania Rising Star.

Aggressive & Caring Family Law Attorneys

We believe in fully informing our clients of the facts, the law, and possible outcomes in their Divorce/Family Law matter. We find that clients are much more at ease when they understand the process and the steps needed to finalize the process. Our attorneys will spend a great deal of time with clients not just explaining the law, but also describing the process including what to expect in family law court.

We work as a team to meet your needs. Our entire staff is at your service to provide information, experience, and insight in your matter. All items prepared by our office or forwarded to our office are immediately forwarded to the client so that the client has a complete file of their matter. We believe that you deserve not only to see the progress but also to understand each and every step.

Don't Outsource Our Legal System

Regarding the passage of the Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, at first blush, who can be against more "collaboration?" However, as a practicing divorce law attorney, the concept of "collaborative law" illustrates a worrying trend: the privatization of our legal system by incentivizing litigants to stay away from courts. What “collaborative lawyers” fail to mention is that lawyers for the past 100 years have "collaborated" to reach settlements on behalf of their clients in and out of litigation. [Read Full Letter]

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