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Ms. Schimpf is a paralegal with Bennington Law Firm, LLC. She earned her Associate of Specialized Business Degree from the Bradford School in Paralegal Studies. She has over thirteen (13) years of experience in working in the Allegheny County Family Law community. In addition to Family Law, Ms. Schimpf has also had experience with Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice, and Personal Injury, which has provided her with exposure to many different areas of the law. She feels it is important to continually increase her knowledge, not only in the legal field, but also in other areas that will enhance her ability to serve our clients. She began working with Attorney Bennington in 2013. She provides the attorneys in our firm with solid and reliable assistance, and provides compassion to our clients. Family Law clients are often faced with a variety of emotional situations. Ms. Schimpf presents a calm, helpful and supportive demeanor, as she handles their immediate needs, while patiently explaining procedures. Her warmth and professionalism are a welcome greeting to our clients.

Ms. Schimpf specializes in complex discovery matters, and is an integral part of the team by accurately and efficiently managing case deadlines and trial preparation.

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